Chicken Wild Bites – 1lb Chunks
March 23, 2017
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March 23, 2017
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Lamb Wild Bites – 1lb Chunks


Reduced food sensitivities or allergies, Strengthens overall immune system, big nutrition!

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Raw Advantage WILD BITES are designed to be simply added to your pet’s diet; a simple way to increase the digestion and health of your companion.

WILD BITES are made by hand in small batches for ultimate quality control. We start with quality,locally-farmed and packed chicken, turkey or lamb and organic veggies and grains, and pack them in ‘chunks’ that are convenient to feed.

The result is convenient-to-feed, daily additions of quality raw nutrition for dogs without the cost of Organic. Available in 1.5lb stand up, re-sealable pouches and four formulas: Chicken, Turkey, Turkey & Veggie, and Lamb.

Wild Bites are formulated, fed and recommended by Holistic Veterinarians and uses no synthetic supplementation.

Feeding Recommendation:

Rotational Meal feed 1-2 times per week in rotation with other Raw Advantage products


Simply Add to your pet’s daily diet:

50lb Canine 1 Chunk/day decrease current food by 1/2 cup
25lb Canine 1/2 Chunk/day decrease current food by 1/4 cup
10lb Canine 1/4 Chunk/day decrease current food by 1/8 cup
10-12lb Feline 1/4 Chunk/day decrease current food by 1/8 cup


organic lamb, organic millet, organic oats, organic carrots, organic zucchini, organic squash

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